Founded in 1 Nov. 1956, and one of the most popular South Indian States. Popularly known as “Rice Bowl of India”. Andhra Pradesh attracts a vast number of tourist every year. Being one of the oldest South Indian civilizations, Andhra Pradesh is known to hold high ethnic value.

The State’s art and culture depict a stunning mix of royal tradition and Nizami heritage. Telugus are renowned pioneers in areas of wood-and-stone carving, silverware figurines, brass work, metal wares, intricate carpet work, and sheet metal ware.

Batik print is a popular are form that uses was to make beautiful prints on fabric. Kalamkari is a world-renowned art form where a quill is used and the printing on fabric is done using vegetable dyes. Other awesome art and crafts part of Andhra Pradesh culture and tradition include Nirmal paintings, Bidri work, and Cherial Scroll paintings. Also, famous are weaves from Venkatagiri, Pochampally, and Gadwal.